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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Self-seeking politicians are misfits in democracy

Outgoing British High Commissioner David Pearey has not said anything new in suggesting that Malawi needs political leaders who can let democracy prevail in the country’s political institutions.
Pearey saw it for himself as politics of personal benefit, like he called it, took centre-stage during his tour of duty.
As our politicians sought to settle personal scores or save their political skins, tension ensued at the expense of national development. The common person, who put these politicians where they are, got a raw deal.
Political leaders need to listen this once and put the wider national good above whatever personal interests they may have.
If those interests are good, they can even be better served in a country where there is peace and calm, law and order, virtues that are essential for the development of any nation.
It is embarrassing that foreigners — who include Pearey and former heads of state in the region — are showing more concern for this country than those in whose hands the people of Malawi have entrusted their fate.
That should get our leaders thinking properly and make it a resolution for the New Year to make up for lost time.
Time has come for political leaders across the political divide to bury their personal differences and redirect their energies and emotions only to things that will benefit the people that gave them the power they abuse with shameless abandon. Those that cannot conform to this new order are misfits and will get their due reward.

-Editorial (The Nation Newspaper)

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