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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Nobody should be paid tax payer's Kwachas for doing nothing
Youth Wise - 10th Feb. 2006

It is about time the president and the cabinet did something about the Vice President. Common sense tells us this. One needs not to be a politician or a trained analyst to arrive at such a conclusion. Once again some quarters are coming out now to claim the President shouldnt have done so.
In effect what this section of people are saying is that they condone non performance period, whether in government or elsewhere but yet government business is serious business affecting millions of poor Malawians.
This is the same mentality that is keeping Malawi and probably most of Africa underdeveloped.What is wrong with firing somebody who is not performing at all in their duties. To keep efficiency in any organization every person is assessed according to performance and if they do not perform up to standards these individuals are relieved of their duties. This is simply what the President has done.
Worse the office of the Vice President uses alot of resources of Malawians to keep its machinery working and to have a non performer in that position is an insult to any tax paying Malawian. I think we need a little growing up to do and take seriously issues affecting our country despite our political and religious affiliations.
Apart from non performance then comes the issue of insurbordination to the President. The Vice President is by law only allowed to serve the President and no one else but ofcourse its common knowledge that he only answers to the former President and UDF Chairman Mr Muluzi. This alone is treason, undermining the Presidency.
So yes let Dr Chilumpha accept his resignation and leave the office to somebody who can do the job effectively and serve the Malawian people better.

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