"It's shameful that the UDF party wants to take us back to the dark days,"

Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Thursday, May 04, 2006


MORE arrests will HARMONISE THE country

The former Udf government ran the country as if it was a fish drying industry where everyone is allowed to do whatever as long as they are making sure that there is more fish on the reeds to dry. No prefessionalism required ,as long as you know how to remove gills and the inside of the fish , that was all which was needed to earn a position in the then udf government.
The Udf took for granted all government businesses and the most known fact which contributed to these failures was the reason that the party was mostly surrounded by many insomnia talkers who mimicked politics during day hours and had little idea how things are run since they had no desire to learn the political process of thing because they were all copy cats of many systems of old time governments which have existed in Africa during the end of the colonial era.
Living standards of many Malawians were depleted by enormous poverty which hit the nation very hard due to the mishandling and cooking of government books by the untrained udf crooked financial apparatus which were stationed at all top levels of government.
The Udf practised politics outside the the books and rules of politics. The invented their own prototype of government similar to that of the late Mobutu Seseko. They only thing which was lacking these udf zealots was only diamonds but they paid themselves large sums of money from the donors pockets.
Values in the country were diluted beyond recovery, worse than the mcp and the colonial days. Malawi was experiencing a never ending Dejavu with how the udf ruled this nation.
Since His Excellency Dr Bingu Wamutharika has engaged his priorities to financially secure and politically protect this nation from any ills , there is more hope now glowing in the lives of many Malawians than it was before during the rape and molestation days and years of the udf.
These arrests which are taking place today should not stop but continue to purify and purge the sins which the udf government committed to this nation.
Moya has the right timing because he knows that the full progress of this nation cannot be manifested to the optimum capacity without destroying and uprooting elements of the Udf which are emulating some spasms in certain areas. Therefore to anticipate such abnormalities ,would bring a negative side on the procedures to developing this nation. No room and door should be left opened or uncleaned for the bad people and liars who would like to see this country not get ahead. Their history shows us that they hate to see the fellow Malawian people living a prosperous and a better life. They have failed this nation and betrayed the people of this nation.
These arrests will bring us peace and harmony. This time there will be no supreme rescue for chilumpha and his cohorts. We need to see more coming.


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Thank You!