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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Muluzi returns Monday to face Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau
by Mabvuto Banda, 21 June 2006 - 05:48:54
Former President Bakili Muluzi returns home next Monday, but it may not be a happy comeback because the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is lurking around with questions for his alleged involvement in the abuse of public funds through some diplomatic missions.
A senior United Democratic Front (UDF) official on Monday said Muluzi is due back on June 26.
The British Home Office gave Muluzi a six-month visa which expires this month after recuperating from two operations on his spinal cord.
UDF spokesperson Sam Mpasu declined to disclose the date of Muluzi’s arrival Tuesday but said he is coming next week.
“I know that he is coming back but I cannot disclose the date because we have information that they have prepared a warrant of arrest for Muluzi and want to arrest him upon arrival,” said Mpasu.
Atupele Muluzi, son to the former leader, said the family is not aware of any such plans against his father.
“As a family, we are just looking forward to welcoming him back after going through a major operation, but it is surprising that every time Parliament is meeting such rumours abound,” said Atupele.
ACB Director Gustave Kaliwo said Tuesday the bureau only wants Muluzi to clarify on their latest findings regarding several issues.
“I cannot say that we are arresting him, there are just several outstanding matters that we would like to clarify with him about the money that went through embassies that we understand was used by him,” said Kaliwo.
He did not disclose how much money is involved.
The ACB has been probing two former envoys — John Chikago, former High Commissioner to Japan, and Ziliro Chibambo, former ambassador to Mozambique.
Muluzi has several outstanding issues with the ACB, ranging from probe on how he built Keza Building in the commercial city of Blantyre to allegations that he diverted close to K1.4 billion from donors into his personal account.
The bureau is also yet to conclude the case in which it accuses the former president of buying over 100 vehicles without paying duty. He later donated the cars to his party, the UDF.
Last year, the bureau summoned Muluzi to answer questions on his alleged involvement in the K1.4 billion case but that never happened and the bureau went ahead to confiscate his computers at his BCA Hill residence in Blantyre.

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