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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

OPINION: Revealation! Some clergy, Muluzi inplant


It has come to our notice that there is a lot of things going on
behind the scene right now that Bakili Muluzi has put some of his
faithful clergy in the current discussions with a goal to manipulate
the discuss and have the Bingu Wamthalika dismantled. by the way muluzi
said that he will use anything to push bingu away even in this case
using the clergy. We heard that some of them even came to the point of
asking parliament to stop deliberating the budget and wait for the
outcome of the mediation talks. The fact that clergy said this, it
means that Muluzi told them to go this far because this man as a Muslim
has the pontential to do anything and use even any weapon from hell
again something that is good.

So we call upon all people to watch out because this whole
mediation thing is Muluzi's making trying to stop parliament from
deliberating the budget because Muluzi's mail goal to to topple
government using whatever weapon from hell. Evidence of Muluzi's
manuvering is seen in that in Parliament, both MCP and UDF led by Tembo
and Ntafu are doing every thing possible to stop the budget and wait
for the mediation because they know that some of the clergy involved
in the mediation are the inplants from hell. Not all clergy are from
God because they are some who are from Hell like those we have in this
mediation team.

We also want to warm government that they should not listern from
the outcome of these talks because they are all Muluzi's plan to use
the clergy whom he has bought them cars and build them houses in
blantyre. there are many examples in the Blantyre Synods where we have
these Revelands eating money bloody money from Muluzi and their main
goal to make sure that they work for Muluzi and be payed more. Malawi
government and entire cabinet should watch out because there is nothing
that clergy can do now because It is hard to deal with Muluzi who is
not only a Malawi but a moslem whose main goal is to Islamise Malawi.
He want to turn Malawi into another Muslims country and decorate our
country with many mosques as he did the last ten years when he
plundered, messed up and flashed our economy into the toilet.

Malawians watch out, because Muluzi is there to plunder the
country again and he will use every weapon from hel to make sure that
he topple our government.


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