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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bakili Muluzi should quit now to avoid embarrassment

It will be a day of celebration for some and a day for sorrow for others. May 15th will be the day Bakili Muluzi will be put in his rightful place, away from tax payer's and donor money and away from the most powerful seat in the country. Oh what a great day it will be, when the Malawian people once and for all stand up against the foolery of Muluzi and company.We shall celebrate with pomp and ceremony. I get great strength from the words of Barack Obama when he says, YES,WE CAN and Malawians YES WE WILL. Next year parliament will be singing a new tune. We shall be able to move away from the petty politics that have characterized parliament for four years now. Most of all, we will move away from turning our beloved country into Bakili Muluzi's play ground. We shall bring back values we have lost over the years like believing in working hard honestly to be rewarded.

Freedom Day will indeed bare a stronger meaning after we are done away with Bakili Muluzi next year. We will know on that day that neither Malawi nor the presidency belongs to a single individual.We shall celebrate a government of the people by the people and for the people. Hopefully it will also mark the beginning of a prosperous future for our children and grand children. Already Malawi for the past 4 years has performed remarkably by all measures with a new philosophy of managing courtesy of the current administration. I certainly hope this is the calibre of the next generation of politicians we are seeing today, people like Goodall Gondwe. They should be commended for the job they are doing. The President too should be commended for allowing Goodall Gondwe to carry out his duties without any interference as it was in the Muluzi administration.

All I can do now is encourage my whole village to go to the polls on May 14th to be part of history when we will tell Mr Muluzi once and for all in a single tick that Malawi needs serious leadership and can actually survive without him, something he obviously still has not come to terms with.

After all is said and done, Muluzi should ask himself this question as we near the elections, is it worth it? For all the false hopes given to his supporters, for all the travelling (whistle stops?), all the fees for the battalion of lawyers he has hired to get into office through the back door and for all the time and resources wasted on rallies. Is it really worth it? I figured I should poise this question now so he starts thinking about it before he faces reality on May 14th. I am no psychologist but I understand it is a good coping mechanism to prepare one self for the worst case scenario.

Next year will surely be an eventful year. I am also keen to witness the loyalty from Muluzi's new found friends in Mr Chakuamba, Mr Kasambara and gang.

I have renewed faith in the Malawian people and know Freedom, justice and prosperity will carry the day on May 14th. This is a new Malawi and definitely a new and consious generation. No amount of foolery will fool Malawians. Not this time.

Emmanuel K

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