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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Borrow a leaf from Mandela
Dear Editor,
The news that the former president Bakili Muluzi wants to run again in 2009 got me when I had just finished reading Nelson Mandela’s book Long Walk To Freedom and I would appeal to Muluzi to buy a copy of the same.
The book inspired me and already I am on course studying law so that I could one day be a politician and moving in the foot steps of Mandela.
After 27 years of incaceration at Robin Island, Mandela felt it wise to serve for only five years and pass on power to others and by doing so it did not imply that he was not popular but because he felt there will always be South Africa after Mandela, a thought that is lacking in most of Malawian politicians.
What a hero! Do we have such selflessness in our politicians. Some people feel they are the best thing to have happened to Malawi and they feel Malawi cannot do without them. By simply championing democracy, other people have taken upon themselves the status of heroes. Please sober up and follow Mandela.

William Matewere,

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