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Monday, April 16, 2007

Malawi donates K11 m to Mozambique flood victims
BY Caroline Somanje
08:20:21 - 16 April 2007

The Malawi government over the weekend donated assorted items worth K11 million in aid of over 300,000 Mozambicans affected by floods earlier this year.

Most of the people were left homeless and without food when Cyclone Flavio hit the country.

A three-man delegation of defence minister Davies Katsonga, disaster preparedness minister Richard Msowoya and deputy minister of transport and public works, Charles Mchacha presented the donation to Mozambique on Friday.

The donated items were 100 metric tones of maize flour, one tone each of beans and rice, 2,000 litres of cooking oil, 2,000 plastic plates, 5,500 plastic plates, 5,500 plastic cups and 8,000 plastic spoons which were given at Caia, Provincial capital of Sofala Province.

Sofala province is located some 510 kms South of Nsanje.

Speaking in an interview Sunday, Katsonga said the donation was made as a kind gesture in response to Mozambique’s calamity.

“The idea was presented to cabinet where it was debated and passed. On Friday, we found helicopters still dropping relief items to the area symbolising a dire need,” said Katsonga.

Asked whether the gesture was not hypocritical considering that Malawi has a fair share of her own problems, Katsonga said, “We have enough food to deal with our issues. We have had no complaint from any of the flood affected areas in this country so there is no reason for self-pity”.

Part of the donation was K500,000 cash from a Mr. Kassam, owner of Manobec mining company.

Arkay industries also donated 2,500 each of plastic cups and plates.


Egidio Vaz said...

Many thanks for the donation. Im a mozambican, historian and researcher at the Southern African Research and Documentation Centre-SARDC-Mozambique.
I´ve been in Malawi for eight years and really appreciated the way you welcomed refugees there. And it seems you didnt forget us. Once again, may god bless malawians and their leaders.
I aleways try to maintain contacts with malawian bloggers. Unfortunately I do not suceed. I know that its quite difficult for you to read on understand portuguese, but please, just give a look to my latest post, where I criticize mozambican media for not giving audiance to your mercy.
Always, Egidio Vaz, Maputo, Mozambique.

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