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Monday, July 09, 2007

It is time people chased politicians insisting on sticking around when their time is up from the arena' - South African music icon, Hugh Masekela addressing Malawians in Lilongwe

BY Gedion Munthali

09:47:53 - 09 July 2007

South Africa music icon Hugh Masekela has urged political leaders not to insist on sticking around when their time is up.

Introducing a song: Mandela, when he held a concert at Lilongwe Golf Club on Saturday, Masekela said it was time people chased such politicians from the arena.

“We must say, damn it, your time is up, leave and leave for real,” roared Masekela.

The crowd answered back in excitement, coming up with their own names of people they felt had outstayed their welcome in Malawi’s political circles.

“I want to introduce a song here about a man who suffered, and when he was freed, said we must not take revenge although we must not forget.

“This is a man who told the world he would only stay in office for five years disappointing some presidents and leaders who do not want to leave when time is up,” said Masekela in the amidst of a wailing keyboard.

“But this man stood by his words and left and at the young ripe age of 81, he fell in love again. This man is Nelson Mandela,” the crowd exploded and the song set off.

Africa has been beset with leaders who have tried to change the Constitution against majority wishes so as to extend their mandate beyond the stipulated ones.

In Malawi, former president Bakili Muluzi tried in vain to change the Constitution allow him have a third term or indeed open terms.

After three years in retirement, Muluzi has now openly declared his desire to contest the 2009 elections had already started his campaign.

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