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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Malawi on the screen for international investors
Story by By Christina Mkutumula
Lilongwe July , 20 Mana: The Outgoing French Ambassador to Malawi, Francis Saundubray has described Malawi government development policy as extremely impressive for it has gained confidence of the international donors.

Saundubray said that has put Malawi on the world screen for international investors to establish their businesses. He told journalists on Thursday after holding an audience with the State President, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika at New State House, Lilongwe that development aid to Malawi has increased yearly which was proof of sound economic policies of the country’s leadership.

He disclosed that his government is about to sign a 100 percent debt cancellation agreement with Malawi following the HIPC convention points. Saundubray said: “Money close to 10 million Euros (K1.9 billion) will be given to Malawi government, and I have managed to convince the French government to open a field of operation of the French development agency soon, and we will also continue in the field of culture and teaching of French in Malawi.”

He explained the money is part of the Paris Club cancellation, but stressed on the need for the French and Malawi governments to agree on which phases the money would be put on.

The envoy said the French government in conjunction with the Malawi government would soon build a French Cultural Centre in Lilongwe.

He said the Blantyre Culture Centre would work hand in hand with the cultural centre in Lilongwe.


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