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Monday, April 07, 2008

Malawi leader impressed by Zimbabwe

Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika
has praised the world for leaving everything in the hands of Zimbabwe
people themselves to chose what is good for them.
Bingu wa Mutharika
extended that he has no doubt the people will love what they would get
out of the elections, end the quarrels and get down to work.

was speaking on situation in Zimbabwe elections saying, people of
Zimbabwe themselves have all it takes to unmake or make their country.
He said he shares the idea that, external forces could not work in
situations like that of Zimbabwe. The president was impressed that the
region succeeded in giving Zimbabwe citizens freedom to chose what they

He made the statement answering questions from
journalists in Lilongwe, when he held a jolly interaction with members
of the media.

Mutharika made the statement days after his return
from China, saying he is impressed with the spirit of Zimbabweans by
holding on to peaceful means during the emotional electoral process.

said such conduct is enviable because it provides model to the rest of
Africa that violence will never build the beautiful continent of
Africa, rather would only ravage its rich potentials.

in Zimbabwe scenario could have just made things worse that they were
but I am impressed that no external force was applied and citizens have
been given full opportunity to do what they want," he said.

said he was impressed with the peace that characterized the electoral
process when some international observers were fearing for crises
similar to that of Kenya.

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