"It's shameful that the UDF party wants to take us back to the dark days,"

Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Muluzi is an example of everything that is wrong with Malawi

This will sound like a broken record but it is true. The vice of handouts is what makes this society go backwards. People need to understand that only hard work pays. In addition if a well wisher like muluzi intends to engage in philanthropic activities it is better for them to invest money into sustainable projects where people will benefit in the long run. Muluzi's tactics only show how conceited a man he is and how he would like to have influence in this society through these sort of tired tactics. Unfortunately as he will come to realise we are better than this . Today PCL has lost millions in sales after closing the shop for several days, the bread/sugar/oil is probably finished in the households that benefited from the gesture and Muluzi himself is 21 million short. The question now is was it worth it?
With bad judgements of this sort, it is amazing how he has been allowed to run his party for this long (15years).



Anonymous said...

Muluzi is a disgrace to our nation. If he want to help the nation, cant he learn to teach these people how to fish than giving them the fish like that? One thing with the people that are lazy and wants to receive handouts is that, they will always look at what he has given them instead of looking at who will bring the bread on their table tomorrow. Is it the handouts or substantial work that we need? Wake wake malawi, we dont need muluzi at all anymore. let him resign from politics and try to be reasonable. Take example from Mandela, mr former president please. That 21 million, if you wanted to help the people, why didnt you ask them to go and build houses and buy them Iron sheets if you want to help Malawi now?

Anduge said...

To hell with Muluzi. I don't want to anything about Muluzi in Politicis. He must just leave politics for people who knows politics. He is not mature enough to be a president of the Malawi nation. Those 10 years he ruled was the worst years malawi has ever experienced.He thinks chieftancy and presidency is the same thing. Maybe he must just go to Machinga and takeover the Kapoloma Chieftancy. what goes around, comes around. Muluzi must ask Mpasu about that. I'm just waiting to see Muluzi waiting in jail.