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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Malawi High Commissioner set to attract more investors

09:04:38 - 22 July 2008

MALAWI’S High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Francis Moto on Friday said he would continue to market the country to potential investors including those in Nordic countries.

Moto was speaking at the end of a three day successful Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) investment forum held at Mount Soche in Blantyre.

He said the initiative to bring the investors in the country followed a meeting in London with prospective investors where the Minister of Trade and Industry Henry Mussa was in attendance.

“The aim was to establish how best to connect various investors with Malawi and then we came up with a concept paper that has materialised in this investment forum,” Moto said.

He said most investors in the United Kingdom were interested in mining and agro processing adding that it was imperative that the merchants come to Malawi to see things for themselves.

“One thing that has helped to sell Malawi is the prevailing good macroeconomic climate and the general stability in the country under the current government,” the high commissioner said.

He said the coming in of the CBC delegation was just the beginning as this office in London was also eyeing countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The CBC delegation was on a three day visit to hold talks with local investors with bankable projects of about US$10 million and according to the high commissioner there will be a follow up forum in October.

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