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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Muluzi to accomodate 5 relatives in his 120 million Kwacha UK home bought in April 2005

Government contests Muluzi’s UK trip

BY Vincent Phiri

10:12:16 - 10 July 2008

Wednesday contested at the High Court in Blantyre former president
Bakili Muluzi’s trip to South Africa and the United Kingdom on grounds
that there was no adequate information regarding his hosts in the two

However, the court quashed state arguments and allowed Muluzi to leave the country.

Lawyers for Muluzi applied to the High Court for him to leave the
country on Saturday next week for a medical check up in South Africa
and to proceed to the UK five days later to attend the wedding ceremony
of his nephew, Kalikokha Banda.

Muluzi was put on house arrest in May in connection with treason
charges and was granted bail by the High Court in Blantyre on May 30
and ordered to apply for permission from the court whenever he wants to
leave the country.

However, state lawyer Janet Kayuni asked the court to dismiss Muluzi’s
application to leave the country on grounds that it lacked proper
supporting documents that would authenticate the importance of his trip.

In an application for leave, Muluzi asked the court to allow him to
travel to South Africa on July 19, 2008 to meet a neurosurgeon Forster
for a medical check up at his surgical chambers on July 20, 2008.

The application was supported by a copy of a letter dated June 30, 2008
signed by Muluzi’s consultant neurosurgeon George Mtafu, who is also
leader of UDF in Parliament.

“Muluzi will be in South Africa for about five days and will be
residing at Holiday Inn Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg after which he
intends to proceed to the UK for wedding preparations for his nephew
Kalikokha Banda who is getting married on 1st August 2008 at Lyndhurst
Park Hotel in that country.

“It is Muluzi’s humble prayer that your Lordship may be pleased to
grant permission to the former president to leave the jurisdiction on
the 19th July 2008 for the Republic of South Africa and the UK
respectively and return by the 25th August 2008,” reads the application
in part, which was attached to a copy of the wedding invitation and a
copy of a letter of confirmation from National Bank of Malawi
certifying that Muluzi maintains an active account in the books of that
commercial bank.

In support of the application, Muluzi submitted to the court a copy of
a letter from Mtafu, who wrote to him that Dr Forster, who operated him
in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, has confirmed to see the
former president at his surgical chamber on July 20.

But Kayuni argued before Justice Edward Twea in an open court that it
was not enough to have communication from Mtafu to Muluzi alone, saying
there was need for the court and the state to be furnished with
communication from Dr Foster as well.

“As it stands now, the court has been starved with information from Dr
Foster confirming the said appointment and indeed his proper address in
the Republic of South Africa. Muluzi’s application leaves a lot to be
desired unless he produces the original copy of the said document.

“The state, therefore, contends that since Muluzi’s application was
proceeding merely on affidavit evidence it must not leave gaps in the
facts supporting the same. I respectfully pray to the court to dismiss
the application for lack of proper supporting documents,” reads
Kayuni’s response to Muluzi’s application for leave.

But Twea quashed Kayuni’s argument and ruled in Muluzi’s favour by
allowing him to leave for South Africa and UK respectively and come
back on August 25.

The UDF leader would be accompanied in UK by his sister Esnath Phiri,
brother Friday, brother in law Lloyd Katema, sister in law Edna Muluzi
and grandson Andrew Banda.

Muluzi applied to the British High Commission for visas of his five
relatives and indicated that he would take responsibility for their air
tickets and accommodate them at his residence, 9 Quinton Place,
Cardford, St Peter, BA12 0JU, Wiltshire in the UK, adding that he would
take charge of all other expenses that would be incurred during their
stay in London.


Anonymous said...

120 million?! afuna ayimenso kuti atidyele ndalama zathu agule manyumba ena ku ulaya...chaka chake sichamayachi! sizitheka.

Anonymous said...

A Khoti nanunso mukudziwa kuti chimunthuchi sitikuchifuna. Why can you use your powers to punish him and let sanity come back to our beloved country Malawi-Nkhondo yimeneyi is for all of us. Afterall, laws are meant to ensure peace and stability in our country-serve the common good pleeaaase!

Ndine- Honourable Khwawa

Anonymous said...

kodi nanunso atcheya simunatope? mukuganiza anthu taiwala ma young democrats ndi kuti inu mulibe sitolo? more over old man muli ndi zitsulo kumsana ntchito yolamula simungaithe olo mpang'ono pomwe, you failed when you was just ok mashete daily mu zomba koma pano you cant please dzisungireni ulemu tampitani kwa kapoloma basi. we are tired of your nonsense we need sane people to rule us.

Anonymous said...

A Malawi anzanga, this man said he was a business man on loan to the government, why is he trying to come back instead of concentrating on his failed businesses. The only tangible thing he did was erect the KEZA office park whilst in government. Is it not our government that paid for the same.
Bakili told us he new our poverty coz he grew up in the village yet daily he was on the road purpotedly to see our poverty, what an irony. The man never believed he was president as evidenced by his continuous campaign and thought with his ill gotten monet could bribe us all. We know of his failed handouts to the rank and file and his senseless podium utterances fit for a professional comedian and not even an aspiring ward councillor.
The man had several dubious connections and surely they are the ones haunting him, the come back battle is to try to pay back on the false promises made to those people (aluya) unfortunately at the expense of poor Malawians.
He created a deliberate drug shortage in our hospitals by supplying through YB Enterprises a firm that he and his cronies run. They got payment before delivery, that is if at at all deliveries were made.
The water appeal fund scam exposed by late Dr Kalonga Stambuli never saw the light of day in Malawi though countless donors deposited pounds in the UK.
The Field York scam for which Sam has beed incarcerated was his brain child and he is the big fish yet to be roasted.
He was the loud mouth about meagre presidential perks and history has it that he was nearly bankrupt when he got into government(let him dispute this), can he explain his current billionaire status. Abale the evils commited against this nation are beyond comprehension, ten years was such a short time for these attrocities,yet ndi ubulutu wake he managed to do it. He does not need another single day to mess up our beloved country again. His ten year escapades cannot be fully expounded on this page and he knows it. A Malawi sitidzaiwala koma gamayu ndi amene ali opusa zedi chifukwa anaiwala kale!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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