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Friday, October 24, 2008

Malawi takes care of its wildlife

In the heart of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, is the country’s main
Wildlife Centre for the care of injured, orphaned and rescued wild
animals. Set in the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary - the city’s only
remaining wilderness area - the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is an animal
rescue and rehabilitation facility which also serves as an education
centre aiming to teach the city’s children something of the rich
variety of Malawi’s fauna.

Now the Centre has received a major financial boost as part of the
reconstitution of its management. Under the chairmanship of Mark Sprong
(Land & Lake Safaris) and with HRH the Duke of Gloucester as
Patron, such well known figures as Virginia McKenna have lent support
and the Born Free Foundation has become their major financial supporter
and awareness raiser.

As a result of this, Malawi and the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre will be
receiving some massive publicity boosts and financial injections from a
number of schemes in the UK during the next few months:

Kellogg’s have agreed to promote Malawi and the Centre on 30 million boxes of their Coco Pops cereal.

W H Smith have adapted their Adopt an Animal in a Box scheme so that
this year in the run up to Christmas, it will be Build a Sanctuary in a
Box, featuring the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

Thompson Fly are donating the proceeds of their foreign coins in a box scheme to the building of a wildlife orphanage.

The Body Shop Foundation has pledged US$60,000 to support the veterinary work and the construction of a clinic.

The cost of improvements and reconstruction have already required an
investment in excess of US$ one million and the development still has
two further phases to be completed.

Coupled with the work on the Wildlife Centre has been the opening of a
luxury tourist lodge in the heart of the Nature Sanctuary. Guests will
not only benefit from being able to stay in this wilderness area while
still being within the city bounds, but a proportion of the profits
from this enterprise will be donated to the Centre’s work.

For more information, log on to:

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre: lilongwewildlife.org/

The Sanctuary Lodge: thesanctuarylodge.net

Born Free Foundation: bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/paw-centres/lilongwe-wildlife-centre/

Land & Lake Safaris: landlake.net/

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