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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

USADF and Malawi govt join to alleviate poverty

afrol News, 15 October - Malawi
government and US development agency have joined hands in a grassroots
economic and social development programme aimed at expanding access to
economic opportunities for community initiatives.

five year funding to a total of $7.0 million, Malawi government will be
contributing about 50 per cent annualy into the fund.

The deal was signed yesterday in Washington D.C. by United States
African Development Foundation (USADF) with Malawi represented by
Ambassador of Malawi to US, Ms Hawa Ndilowe, and minister of finance,
Mr Goodall Gondwe.

Speaking about Malawi’s addition to portfolio, Lloyd Pierson stated,
“USADF is excited to sign this agreement with the government of Malawi.
The agency is determined to fund programmes at an expedited pace to
meet the needs of the people of Malawi.”

USADF and government of Malawi signed a memorandum of understanding
which allows USADF to fund projects developed by Malawians at
grassroots level leading to greater economic and community development.
Signing allows both countries to join together to help alleviate
poverty in southern African nation.

Also speaking at signing Ambassador Gondwe stated, “USADF compliments
the various activities taking place in Malawi currently. Malawi
appreciates USADF’s assistance and dedication and looks forward to
their support.”

Government of Malawi has recently pledged to contribute equivalent of
US$ 750,000 per annum to match USADF funds. This would increase amount
of funding from $ 1 million to $ 1.5 million per annum.

Regional Programme Director Kim Ward stated “There is tremendous
vibrancy in Malawi’s economy after 20 years of flat line growth. This
is a direct result of the policies of the current government.”

Malawi is the third country where USADF launched new programmes during
fiscal year 2008. Similar programmes have been launched in Burundi,
Mauritania, and Burkina Faso earlier this year.

USADF is a US government agency dedicated to expanding access to
economic opportunity in Africa. Currently USADF operates in 21 African
nations, with over 25 years operating and funding nearly 1,100 African
projects representing in excess of $150 million in support of
enterprises and local communities.

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