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Friday, December 19, 2008

Bingu’s gesture to Chilumpha shows maturity, morality

Accept our commendations Mr President, Your Excellency Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, Sir.

We say thumbs up for a move long waited because we love our country as Malawians first, before being newsmen.

We are all smiles that time has now come when real men are coming to recognise the importance of being one.

Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

The gesture shown through your congratulatory message to your number two is great and indicative of a promising future.

It is a rare moment in our rather cloudy political atmosphere. It is a
moment all peace loving Malawians would need to prevail. It is a
moment, real Malawians would love to see grow bigger.

And indeed, it is the moment that signifies two things to a fast
thinker: maturity and morality. It is a mature decision for both of you
to have remembered that you are the top two citizens hence Right
Honourable Dr Cassim Chilumpha now can talk development and Mutharika
saying “this is good brother”.

This is the spirit required as we draw towards the May 19, 2009 polls.
It is morally right, because it reminds all well wishing Malawians that
this is what it is supposed to be as endorsed at the ballot in 2004.

You know? Malawi is not only our country, but we are its blood. It requires us all for its growth and development.

But a word of caution to Mutharika and Chilumpha, we do believe that
this gesture is genuine because if it is just an icing on a rather sour
cake, then we are breeding rot.

As the top two citizens, Malawi looks up to you and expects nothing
less than harmony between you because it is your peace that would
translate into tranquility in this country. It is a chain.

We hope as political scientist Blessings Chinsinga has said, this is
not a political gimmick meant to win sympathy from both camps.

Chilumpha as Vice-President has not been able to offer all he could for
obvious reasons, but now is the time when the past should be left to
historians as we look forward as astronauts hoping for the highest. We
do hope that this gesture will not end on paper, but would soon hear
and see you two together again.

By the way, when did you two last dine together? When did you last
shake hands? When did you last address a development rally together?
When did you last talk on phone? And indeed, when did you last call
each other brother? Sounds sweet! What do you think?

Food for thought? Up to you, but history will judge you. We need you
two back on stage together in peace as we together dream in colour to
develop Malawi. We know the sky is not the limit, in your own words Mr
President, Sir.

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