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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NBM in Visa card promo

National Bank of Malawi Monday launched “Pay smart
and win big” promotion in a move to enhance a culture of electronic
payments and purchases.

During official launch in Blantyre, the bank’s Public Relations Manager
Annie Magola said they would like to enlighten the public on the
benefits of electronic shopping and transactions.

“We want to encourage people to acquire goods and services using the
Visa system as no hard currency is involved since merchant debit the
exact amount from the customer’s account and at the same time their
accounts are credited. This would in the long term prevent
inconveniences of being given sweets for change,” said Magola.

She added that if the Visa system was widely used, it could reduce
production costs of currency, which could lead to massive savings by
government and the economy.

“The promotion is open to all Visa card holders who would transact
using our Point of Sale Devices from today up to January 16. We will
conduct weekly draws every Monday where cash prizes would be given
out,” said Magola.

National Bank’s Transactional Banking Manager Ellen Kumpukwe said it
would be better if shoppers during the season used the Visa cards to
avoid cash losses, which most of the time is not recovered.

“With the festive season, people would want to shop but on the other
hand thieves are also strategising on how they can steal from merry
makers and the best way to avoid that is through the Visa payment
system, which is simple and is done in seconds,” said Kumpukwe.

National Bank of Malawi introduced the Visa debit card and point of
sale devices this year in shops, hotels and other outlets in the
tourism sector to facilitate for faster and convenience transaction for

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