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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bakili Muluzi a failure

Opposition UDF Sunday went on a campaign tour of Blantyre, with their rejected presidential candidate Bakili Muluzi criticising the Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) for not telling him in advance that he was not an eligible presidential candidate.

At the same time, ruling DPP launched their campaign in Mzuzu, where President Bingu wa Mutharika condemned Muluzi as a failed leader.

DPP launched its campaign in Mangochi last week just seven days after UDF launched its own in the lakeshore district.

Political scientist Mustapha Hussein said this was a strategy to outdo each other.

“There is nothing wrong with that as long as they relay their messages to the electorate,” he reasoned.

As Muluzi, whose candidature remains at the mercy of the courts, was making his campaign promises in the commercial city, President Bingu Mutharika was emphasising why he should remain in power in Mzuzu.
At his Mzuzu stadium campaign launch, Mutharika dubbed his mentor Muluzi a failure who did not go through secondary school, and ruined Malawi.
“Now, Bakili says he has never been a failure, but I will tell you that he is failure number one.
“He failed in education as he did not even go through secondary school. He failed as MCP Secretary General, also failed to run the government of Malawi during his term,” Mutharika said.

Prior to the rally, the president’s campaign convoy went around some townships of Mzuzu that included Chibavi and Chibanja, where people lined up along the roads to cheer him.
After the rally, he also went around places like Zorozoro, Mzuzu Technical College, Chimaliro and Old Town .
In his speech, Mutharika also condemned the just dissolved Parliament, describing it as irresponsible.
“You have seen how the opposition (parliamentarians) behaved in the last five years. They did not go to Parliament to represent you. When they were in Parliament, they started representing the interests of John Tembo (MCP president) and Bakili Muluzi,” he said.
He also faulted Rainbow Coalition President Loveness Gondwe for joining the bandwagon of people accusing him of not doing much in developing the north.

He said he felt pity for those who were still following Muluzi or sympathising with him, asking Malawians to compare what happened before he (Mutharika) came into power and what has happened in his five-year reign.
“I want you to judge me by the works of my hands, let what I have done speak for me.
“If the works of my hands have not impressed you, then don’t vote for me,” Bingu stated.

In Blantyre, former president Muluzi attacked a decision by the Malawi Electoral Commission to bar him from joining the May 19 presidential race.

Muluzi, who was commenting on a court case for the second time, wondered why Mec failed to make a decision at a time he showed interest to join the race.

“Mec knew my interest to join the race some time back in 2006. Where were they all this time?” he queried.

“But despite that ladies and gentlemen, come May 19 Bingu wa Mutharika will not be the president of this country,” Muluzi told his supporters at Namiyango, one of the places where he stopped.

Muluzi said Mec’s decision of rejecting him was made because Mutharika was afraid of him.

However, in his reference to the case in Mangochi, Mutharika said Mec was only reminding Muluzi that he was one of the people fighting the spirit of life presidency.

“It’s not me, but the Constitution bars him from standing, he served his two terms,” Mutharika said.

Mec, however, stated that it was the Republican Constitution that barred the former President from bouncing back.

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