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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Why I will not be voting for John Tembo

So John Tembo has allowed the once mighty MCP to be used as a porn in BAkili Muluzi and his son Atupele Muluzi's game. As I write Atupele Muluzi is planning way ahead to secure power in a MCP/UDF administration before thinking about how he can improve your life and mines. He plans of a portfolio which he seeks to occupy which will yield considerable powers of the office of the President of Malawi, a Prime Minister portfolio almost and yet will not be identified as such effectively to blind the country to allow the Muluzis to rule from the back door yet again. What is strange is that these folks are quickly sharing cabinet positions way before the race is over and before they have considered the country's problems and the correct people to fill these important jobs. This clearly demonstrates to me how these two parties are more of the same, the same politics Malawians are moving away from since the Muluzi era. This makes me wonder whether I can really trust John Tembo as my President come May 14th, can he really objectively run a government with the Muluzis running their own parrallel government?

As for Atupele Muluzi, well, he has nothing to show to qualify him to run any important office let alone a government department. Already his qualifications are constantly in question, his attempts to run businesses has proven unsuccesful before when a couple of his father's businesses went bust under his watch, thats how he found himself in politics in the first place. Despite his enormous influence in the UDF party, this individual has failed to prove to the country he can lead on matters of national interest . His time in parliament has not benefitted Malawians, no pieces of legislation of national interest have been sponsered by this individual in the five years he has been in the house and now he wants to head government. I ask where will he get the competence, motivation and vision to run such a portfolio with such a record.

I will not be voting for John Tembo because to me one thing is for certain, the UDF and the Muluzis at the helm of things will never change Malawi because of the same old greed, corruption and relentless pursuit of power the Muluzis continue to display. As it stand John Tembo is my last option for the office of President come May 14th.


Let me also advise some of these 'political scientists' to be more objective when doing their analyses, you do not have to be so obvious Mr Rafiq Hajat.

Please Government and other blogs stop responding to this spent force Nyasatimes, like Muluzi it has nothing to offer, no news just a waste of time and energy. Lets all move forward in making Malawi better and ourselves better.

God Bless

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