"It's shameful that the UDF party wants to take us back to the dark days,"

Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Malawians its time to act. These are the times to wake up from sleep and work for our country - Mr S Kamwendo

Malawians need to understand that the future of this
country remain in the hands of the people who have the
need of the poor at heart. The current spirit that has
been planted in the hearts of our political leaders
will ruin the already ravaged country. Our kids will
have no future, let alone our lives are in danger.

Am appealing to all Malawians in this country and
abroad to work together to frustrate the efforts of
political leaders as Bakili Muluzi, John Tembo,
Kamlepo, Kaluwa and Chakufwa Chihana at whatever cost
for the sake of the mother Malawi. If it calls for
mass action lets do it without fear. No body will do
it for us. If we keep quite we are going to suffer
just like our friends across the boaders. We are smart
enough to see this aren't we?

Pretending that things are ok will not help, lets work
together to block these evil forces from selfish
leaders who have no conern for the poor, the sick and
the hungry. These people are just as good as beasts
who have no mercy or compassion for their own country
and let alone their own kinsmen. They are like
terrorist who have the excitment to kill others at the
epence of their own lives. They are just as germs that
cause deadly diseases while they reside in the same
bodies they destroy and end up destroying themselves.

These are killers of peace, killers of development,
killers of prosperity. Lets fight and give them no
chance but misery. They do not deserve to live, Oh!who
would care if they go.

Malawians its time to act. These are the times to wake
up from sleep and work for our country. This is the
beginning of my daily pleas to the inhabitants of
Malawi and those living abroad.

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