"It's shameful that the UDF party wants to take us back to the dark days,"

Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Patriotism- by concerned

I think the truth of the
matter isthat we are too
poor and should be
busy thinking about other
things likegetting ourselves
out of poverty. My question
to the opposition is for who
and what are they wasting their energy on fighting and
impeaching the president. For the first time in years
investors, donors and Malawians abroad have
already gone back and some are considering
to go back to Malawi to help
rebuild our country but then we
have people who do not share that
vision and goal of making our country a success

Again my question is who are they
fighting for and for what.

I think unless we can stand up against that
generation of politicians that has almost
covered their life span and are bent to
destroy our future the situation will remain
hopeless. So yes let there be demonstrtions all
over the country if they decide to remove the
last hope Malawi has.

Our future is at stake and the opposition
is not doing anything helpful,they have become
a liability controlled by a hand full of selfish

Malawi should be ran based on issues and
not mere selfishness and greed as seen in the
last 10 years.


Miss Curious said...

U r definately right, man. These buggers have sucked this nation dry in one decade alone. Its time we took a stand and erased them for good from the public eye.

badawewe said...

The only problem is that it takes Malawians over two decades to act. The majority of us know what is happeing and are not amused. But how to mobilise ourself act.

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