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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Petra against impeachment - The Nation

People’s Transformation Party (Petra) President Kamuzu Chibambo has warned against the impeachment of President Bingu wa Mutharika, saying it will not help the people of Malawi as it will be viewed as a man-made disaster by the donor community.
“Any economic woes that inevitably would ensue following Dr. Bingu’s ouster at this point shall not possibly qualify Malawi as a priority area for donor aid by reason of the fact that such woes would be self imposed unlike natural disaster,” Chibambo said in Blantyre Tuesday.
He said the impeachment was being pursued for personal interests which would not help the people of Malawi, adding the main problem now is the current hunger situation.
Chibambo warned Malawians to look seriously at the players behind the impeachment, saying there were three categories of people in the matter.
“Those who know they are being chased by the law. The skeletons in their closets are giving them sleepless nights, ” Chibambo said.
Chibambo noted that “they that rightly deserved impeachment many times during their time are shouting the loudest. ”
Chibambo said the second category are those who itch to taste power again with their appetite making them fail to discern what is really at the heart of the impeachment.
The third category, he said, are those who cannot survive on their own but have to be “passengers of other people’s boats.”
Chibambo said “this is not the first time for the current leaders of UDF, MCP and Aford to team up. It happened in 2002 during the infamous Open Term Bill.”
Chibambo said Petra “vehemently opposes the impeachment motion.”
He recommended finding another way of addressing the concerns raised in the impeachment grounds as some were valid.

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