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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cost of living for May drops
08:37:26 - 31 May 2007

A survey by Centre for Social Concern (CFSC) says the cost of living for May slumped by 7.5 percent for consumers based in urban areas of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

The organisation says the cost of living went down to K26,618 from K28,612 and the survey indicates that a family of six would need K14,968 for food items and K11,650 for non food items ranging from rentals to other utilities.

CFSC observed that there was currently a huge supply of tomatoes in local markets to the extent that most of them are wasted because they are in abundance.

“To this effect, price of tomatoes has gone down by 60 percent and according to the traders, the price will decline further in the next two to four weeks,” the faith based organisation said.

In comparison with April, price of utaka and usipa went up by an average of about 90 percent but in May the prices remained almost stable with the average price of dry fish, including kapenta, going down by 0.95 percent.

“Our research has revealed that although fish is generally scarce during the cold season, many vendors are turning to the fish-trading business because it does not demand a lot of capital. At the lake, demand for fish is higher than what the fishermen can supply, forcing the prices to go up,” CFSC said.

Other items whose prices have significantly gone down are those of green vegetables by 22 percent and potatoes by 33 percent.

However, CFSC has urged government to put in place policies that would lessen the burden in attaining better living conditions.

“There is need for our government to promote and protect the common good and safeguard the socio-economic rights of all citizens,” concludes CFSC.


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