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Mr Gwanda Chakuamba (2003)

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Closer look on the 'bloated' cabinet

The current situation where the President has increased by 6, the number of cabinet ministers could have been avoided. The truth of the matter is that government needs the political clout to survive what ever the case, in any country, to pass the needed bills to implement its policies. But In a country where the opposition pays so much attention to their individual parties and personal agendas than that of the country then of course a government has to device ways of running and making sure government business does not come to a halt. I will put the blame here on the opposition entirely because they made that decision, they made the decision not to corporate on national issues with government as witnessed for the past two years and not the President, again for reasons we will never understand.

How else do you expect government to react when the opposition have been threatening for months now to reject the national budget when it tables in the next couple of days. This is a government that is devising ways and trying to adopt to the situation in order to move forward the pro poor government agenda. Not many people can see that unfortunately. Government is only taking cues from the opposition and that is all it is. When you have irresponsible leaders at the helm of the main opposition parties there is little you can expect than continued show of superiority for feel of self importance. The single most important role of the opposition is to serve the interest of the country and not their party presidents, their parties nor their personal agendas. What we have here is a problem deeply rooted in the opposition parties' leadership and that needs to go away sooner rather than later. The moment we have these exceedingly powerful party leaders in these positions who most have been in Malawi politics for over three decades, without a doubt their own agendas will always come first and the nation's, well second.
That is also to say little about their authoritarian practices currently exercised in their respective parties.
The issue at hand is not complex, once you have irresponsible undemocratic opposition parties like we have in Malawi, we will always have problems like these. If these people had opted to be logic in conducting their business in the house, I am pretty sure the President would not have come to the decision of "bloating" his cabinet the way he has done and we would not be having this discussion today.

At the end of the day decisions have to be made depending on the circumstances so government business does not come to a halt. In this case a government that has goals to achieve and that wants to move Malawi forward so it is a prosperous land with opportunities. If 'bloating' the cabinet is a way to help pass important bills in parliament to get us there then so be it. We do share the vision the current government has for the country we only wish the opposition shared this vision with the rest of the country for Malawi.

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