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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Muluzi shunning the truth

Recent developments on the economic front provide everyone with overwhelming evidence that the country is charted on the right course in as far as the economy is concerned.
The stabilising of the kwacha has resulted in the lowering of inflation and bank rates; the much talked about fertilizer subsidy has helped stave off famine and suffering these coupled with the writing off of Malawi’s debts by its major donors are all signs of an economy shaping up under fiscal discipline.
These all underline what former president Bakili Muluzi told Malawians nation-wide in 2004… that Bingu wa Mutharika was an economic engineer who would turn round the country’s economy within a short period of time.
The economy has registered remarkable improvement and for the former head of state to face the masses today and say Bingu is a cobweb in as far as the country’s economic management is concerned sounds a fallacy aimed at hoodwinking the illiterate voter.
Muluzi told a rally in Mangochi that Mutharika was a failure and was letting down the country’s economy. The former president cited increased in prices of matches; soap etc., items whose prices had been sky-rocketing even during his own administration. Malawians still remember Muluzi’s response to concerns over increased prices in shops when he said he has no grocery shop himself.
The former head of state stands to help the people of Malawi greatly if he came up with real issues on areas the present government must concentrate on to improve their lives. It the role of a responsible opposition is to check on government and, where necessary, provide alternatives.
Being a strong opposition force, the United Democratic Front (UDF) has a great role to play and ensure that government is properly managed for the good all Malawian people regardless of political affiliation?
Surely, the former head of state should not appear or sound like he is so desperate to bounce back to power that he would go to any length misinforming and blinding people about the status quo.

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